1997 HUMPHREY BOGART #3152 Plate Block of 4 x 32 cents US Postage Stamps

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1997 HUMPHREY BOGART #3152 Plate Block of 4 x 32 cents US Postage Stamps

1997 HUMPHREY BOGART #3152 Plate Block of 4 x 32 cents US Postage Stamps - In 1997 the USPS issued the third installment of the Legends of Hollywood Series. The first two stamps honored Marilyn Monroe and James Dean. Like its predecessors, the Bogart stamps have star-shaped perforations at their four corners. During his long and successful career, Humphrey Bogart starred in more than 80 movies. His first role was in the film "The Dancing Town," in 1928. However, Bogart did not achieve fame until he portrayed gangster Duke Mantee in "The Petrified Forest" in 1936. He went on to play gangsters in the films "Dead End" (1937), "The Roaring Twenties" (1939), and "High Sierra" (1941). In 1941, writer and director John Huston helped Bogart achieve a new image as Detective Sam Spade in "The Maltese Falcon." Bogart went on to star in five more of Huston's films, including "The Treasure of Sierra Madre" (1948), "Key Largo" (1948), and "The African Queen" (1951). Other Bogart films include "Casablanca" (1942), his most important romantic role, "Sahara" (1943), "The Big Sleep" (1946), and "Sabrina" (1954). Bogart's image on the stamp was reproduced from a poster for the film "The Big Sleep," in which he played private detective Philip Marlowe. The art featured on the selvage of the stamp was taken from a scene in "Casablanca." ( Legends of Hollywood Series, Gangsters, John Huston, Detectives, The Big Sleep )

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